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Robert C. Berring and Michael Levy's
The Legal Research Survival Manual with Video Modules, 2d

Written by: Robert C. Berring Jr. and Michael Levy

This text and the accompanying videos provide a basic introduction to the mysteries of legal research, giving the new legal researcher the tools necessary for success. The title Legal Research Survival Manual is chosen with care. The work does not provide comprehensive coverage of legal materials, and is not designed to replace traditional legal texts. Instead, it is an easy-to-read introduction for students at the very start of their career. It is designed to be an approachable resource to launch them into the first year of law school or as a legal research refresher for those starting their first jobs or internships. The videos can be watched in conjunction with the book or separately.

Learn more about this title and the video modules from the authors:

Berring on Legal Research - Two DVD Set
Deep Principles for Researching & Understanding the Law

Watch a Preview Video from Author Robert C. Berring

This two-DVD set provides viewers with an engaging and fast-paced training resource for developing or brushing up on essential legal research skills. Professor Robert C. Berring instructs students, and other legal professionals, on the "deep principles" of legal research and applies these principles to practical, real-life situations.

Topics Covered on DVD 1:
  • Why Legal Research is So Important
  • Knowing What You Are Doing
  • Time & Money: Real Life Research
  • The Deep Principles
  • Judicial Reports
       - Judicial Decisions
       - The Three-Part Court Structure
       - Structure of an Opinion
       - The Format
       - Finding Cases
  • Getting Help
  • Topics Covered on DVD 2:
  • Thinking About Research
  • Statutes
       - The Context
       - Federal Statutes
       - State Statutes
  • Administrative Law
  • Secondary Sources

  • Berring on Legal Research Podcast

    Go to Podcast PageIn the Berring on Legal Research DVD set, Professor Robert C. Berring provides expert, holistic instruction on the core principles of effective legal research. Now, Professor Berring, in conjunction with West, will be producing rich supplemental podcasts, which will explore the finer points of the key legal research topics already touched upon in the DVD set. Read More...

    Sum and Substance Audio on Legal Research, 2d

    by: Robert C. Berring Jr.

    In this 3.25 hour audio CD set, Professor Robert C. Berring will lead you step-by-step through every topic in legal research. Sum & Substance Audio CD Series allows you to assimilate the essentials of the course at your convenience - listen while working, commuting, exercising or just relaxing. The information and ideas you struggled with previously are now brought to life simply and succinctly. The CDs provides Quick Reference Indexing, allowing you to quickly locate every topic in the entire recording. These CD's are time saving, convenient and effective.

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